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  • What are the publicity of the park

    What are the publicity of the park?The publicity plan of the children's park is to make these points so that the park is full every day. At present, most of the customers who buy amusement equipment ask about the price and material of the amusement equipment, and some customers ask about the product

  • How to deal with various emergencies in the park

    How to deal with various emergencies in the park?As the weather is getting colder, the business of the children’s playground is getting better and better, the passenger flow is large, and the emergencies and crises encountered in the operation process have also increased. For the operators, in addit

  • How to highlight the selling points of operating a park?

    How to highlight the selling points of operating a park?It is not difficult to open a children's playground now. There is no high cost, and the barriers to entry are low. As long as people with a little financial foundation can do this project. But being able to do it and doing it well are two diffe

  • What are the advantages of the park

    What are the advantages of the park?Many investors have seen the market prospects of children's playgrounds and want to join. However, if it is the first investment, people who don't know enough about children's parks will have a lot of concerns. What are the specific advantages of indoor children's

  • Requirements for the site selection of the park?

    Requirements for the site selection of the park?Children's playground is a high-quality project, but it requires skills to run it well, especially in terms of site selection. Making the right choice can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. In most cases, the following four factors shoul

  • Is the unpowered park popular?

    Is the unpowered park popular?The non-powered park project can also be called outdoor expansion equipment. It is designed according to children's characteristics and preferences. It can exercise the balanced development of children's left and right brains, and at the same time help cultivate childre

  • When does the park have high revenue?

    When does the park have high revenue?There will always be a lot of people in the children’s playground during a day, a week, or a year. However, few people have summed up and thought about these laws, so that they missed many opportunities to improve business efficiency. So, when is the best busines

  • Where is the park suitable for?

    Where is the park suitable for?For those who want to open a store and start a business, the direction of the business and the choice of franchise brands are very important, but don't neglect the location of the store address. Everyone who sets up shop and does business is to make a profit and realiz

  • Optimize the installation of the trampoline

    The quality of a product is not determined by a certain link, but through the joint efforts of all parties and complement each other to achieve the best condition. The same is true for trampoline parks.In addition to sales, production, transportation, etc., trampoline park also has a very important

  • Interactive projection games

    you are interested in them,please contact me,or send your e-mail to me.

  • The company launched new products and discounts promotion

    Recently, due to the company's continuous development and innovation, the company launched a number of new products, including break dance rides, star trek, clown flying chair, new mini shuttle, magic flying ufo, in order to thank the old and new customers have been strong Support, the company will

  • In promotion

    In Promotion!This product now only 3500$,including pad and control box,

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