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The best measures to ensure the safety of fence and platform!

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    Safety always be the first thing for all of us !When we built an amusement park, we should take some measures to ensure the player's safety.Now Djoy will tell you some useful measures,hopping to help you ! 

1、Safety fences should be set for export, and in the import should be set to guide the fence. Platform should have anti-slip measures.

2、The direction of the safety door should be the same as the direction of travel (except in special circumstances). In order to prevent personal injury when the door is closed, the clearance between the door frame and the column should be appropriate or take other protective measures.

3、While the operation side of the entertainment facilities on the one hand, part of the import and export should not be higher than the platform 300 mm. Some of the other recreational facilities import and export from the height of the platform should be easy to put up and down.

4、Recreational facilities should be equipped with eye-catching safety signs at the necessary locations and locations. The safety flag is divided into four types: prohibition flag (red), warning sign (yellow), indicator (blue), prompt mark (green).

5、Passengers can touch the place where they are not allowed to expose sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous creatures.

6、Recreational facilities through culverts, inclusive surface should be easy to use off the material, decorations, etc. should be firmly fixed.



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