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Attracting dragon train for Russian customers is being tested!

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The dragon train to the dragon for the shape, the train from the front and rear drive two drive, along the two spiral track, sometimes circled on, and sometimes rapid decline, both entertaining, interesting, and irritating, old All ages. Take the process to bring visitors a novel, happy feeling. Elegant dragon shape and decorated with national characteristics, but also increase the interest of visitors, is a popular favorite game by the masses. Sliding roller coaster, belonging to a small bee amusement equipment similar to the amusement equipment.

Sliding roller coaster is a large-scale amusement equipment running along a designed track, and the whole set of amusement equipment is usually made of high quality FRP made of 4 vehicles and supporting tracks. Roller roller coaster is a kind of rail train amusement equipment. Divided into single ring and double ring two styles.






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